Welcome to Medway Sound

Above is the new stream link that will be going live soon…. Medway Sound broadcasts via Snodland in Kent through our own internet streams across the world from the City enter to the deepest murkiest swamp in some hot humid deep green country.  So there is something for everyone.  Medway Sound (MS) was started in late 2015 after the closure of Allhallows on Air (AOA).  Originally broadcasting from the center of a Haven Holiday camp in Kent AOA  started its life in 2011 from one desk and chair in the corner of a room and moved up and into its own purpose built studio complete with guest mic and webcams enabling the owners of holiday homes and visitors to the camp to video chat with relatives all over the world.  It also created a buzz that made a quiet area of the camp into a place full of people who started out as strangers all communicating with each other over the medium of music and it’s popularity increased over time, turning listeners into broadcasters. Allhallows on Air turned off its streams in mid 2015 due to closure brought on by a change in camp management and ideas that new people tend to bring with them.  After a bit of jiggling about Medway Sound was born.  And went on air on the 14th November 2015.  It was just music, no presenters, no adverts and no news.  It was run from an Auto DJ system on a rented stream, but when the stream kept shutting down and the excuses ran dry it was decided that the only way to guarantee us having a proper stream would be to have our own stream company.  That saw the invention of ‘Stream Daddy’ your one stop radio stream company, run by a station, for stations.  Stream Daddy is still going strong and has a small list of stations all running all day everyday with no mishaps, and no excuses.  In-fact to date Stream Daddy has set up 4 independent stream providers all providing a service to DJ’s all over the world and all following the same business plan.  One thing to add on the subject, the 4 businesses were given everything free of charge, no set up fee’s no rental fee’s – We here at MS do our best to help where help is needed.  It’s all about giving something back. Onward and upwards… So where are we today?  I’m not going to sugar coat it, starting a radio station is very scary.  It’s hard to get people to try something new.  People go where they are used to going, we are programmed that way.  So with that said, we regard it as hurdle number one.  That’s one hurdle of about thirty.  Radio itself has changed over the last few years, some say for the better, some disagree.  But what is noticeable is we live in a digital world now, people can access music on many different platforms, some pay, some pirate. Each to their own.  the fact remains, the power is with the person. So that being said, MS has taken some time to study the radio habits of people as well as the habits of some stations and through that study we feel the best way to go forward is to give radio back to the listener.  Let the listener interact with the station at a one to one level, don’t over treat some and leave out others, be there for them and show them the empathy they deserve. Remember in the real world – The listener is King! Medway Sound just hopes to slot ourselves into the radio spectrum (on an internet level) and not worry too much about an FM licence.  We want to broadcast in the public ear for one whole year then decide where our direction is to go next.  So its just onward from 1st December 2020 up to the same but 2021.  Then decide what kind of world we will be living in.  What devastation will covid-19 leave behind itself, that’s if its stopped at all. Just  when you thought things were hard enough…. It has been brought to our attention that another station has been deciding on some kind of campaign or whatever they referred to it as with the hope of stopping us from going ahead.  I’m not 100% sure as to why they would want to do such a thing, or even talk about doing it.  So in advance I say this.  The internet is a great medium for naming and shaming, so I hope they keep that in mind.  And concentrate on their own problems.  Its very sad that in a world where we are plagued by turmoil and bad luck, where the economy is up the wall and peoples futures bleak, some people use what can only be deemed as precious time to try and bring misfortune to others, its a crying shame infact. And with that being said…. Thank you for taking the time to read this page, we will be keeping an up to date blog as and when there’s things to tell, and remember you can use our contact page if you have any ideas for the station..Have a super 2021 and we look forward to our 52 week journey….(ok 48 now lol)