There is a chance that you may have noticed that I has been a bit quiet of late, in fact it was over a month ago now since my last live show.  That being said the reason for this post is just to nip in the bud a couple stories that are doing the rounds.  The following information is 100% true and if you hear any different you can discard it as poppycock!

Just over a month ago I had a fall in the garden – I was knocked out till katie found me and called an ambulance (I was on the floor over 10 hours) Anyhow that took me to Maidstone  hospital where after a scan they noticed a bleed on the brain So 4 weeks later Theres nothing more the dr’s can do at this stage, meaning the bleed was at that time two small for sugery so they need to monitor which way its gioing and only time can decide that.  Im back in for another scan this week and i’ll update as and when i can.

The bleed has also damaged my mobility so moving about is a ballache. And to make things worse it has damged my speech too, but they are happy that should comeback before too lonng.

Lastly, thank you to my amazing wife Katie who has been there everyday and puts up with my frustrating hissy fits wnen I can’t explain something or try to do somehing simple, and Ifail totally.  She has the patience of at saint. 

So thats from the horses mouth! Thank you to all the NHS Doctors and nurses, you do truly make a difference. Thank you for all the messages of support that help greatly too.

This is the edited version so’s not to bore you lol